Create it, present it, own it!

Cross-Chain Creative Challenge for NFT artists has just kicked off! d’ADAs will provoke artists on the world of blockchain to create their art and proudly present it to the audience.

Be your creative self and show your talent to others!

Lyrics, photography, poetry, drawings, performance, every medium is allowed. Even a mix of media.

Theme: ‘More than human’ is d’ADA’s tagline. We emphasize on the human factor of life. We think that within this chaotic epoch we need to cherish and treasure reality.. our reality, your reality, whose reality..?

Rules & regulations:

Award: a d’ADA NFT out of the collection (value 333 ADA)

Deadline Sunday January 29th 2023 23:59 11 PM EST. Share and spread the word if you join the challenge.

Date of the big pitch: Thursday February 2nd 2023 11 PM EST in the Big shill show

You have questions? Drop us a note!