d'ADAs production

d'ADAs in the make

At this moment we are busy with the production of 1.111 d'ADAs in our studio in Amsterdam. Chan, Annet and Sarah are making the collages with Photoshop without any automatic layering. It's tremendous intensive work, but we are reaching the end of it.
Meanwhile Wouter is producing the video trailers which will be published march and april. Mirai Music LL is making sound compositions for the legendary d'ADAs in the studio in Los Angeles. Frank Nitty is making the motion graphics for the legendaries in Hong Kong.
d'ADAs official mint

Official Mint Q2 2023

  • PFP project;
  • 1.111 hand made NFTs;
  • technical partner NMKR;
  • Mirai Music, composers;
  • Frank Nitty motion graphics;
  • Launching partners
We do things differently.
d'ADAs Wearables

Fashion wearables Q3

Imagine you can show off with your (custom made) d’ADA in an exclusive hand made jacket or kimono? Would that not be awesome? We have all the expertise and can produce right away.
d'ADAs Custom Mades

d'ADAs custom mades Q2

We kicked off on Cardano Summit Amsterdam 2022 and received the applause & cheering of the audience. The first requests for personalized d’ADAs were a fact! We love to portrait you in our Amsterdam studio or at location abroad and visualize your personality in a d’ADA! Endless possibilities. We’ve already set up a special VIP arrangement in Amsterdam.


In 1874, several artists based in Paris bonded together to hold an independent art show. Later known as the Impressionists, these figures took it upon themselves to present their own paintings, prints, and sculptures, bypassing an external selection process. Today, in the NFT world this may seem like standard practice. d’ADAs Salon is the art place where it all happens! It’s our community of fans, creatives and investors. The salon is the fundament of d’ADAs. We will organize public and online events, auctions and initiate collabs with other creatives.
d'ADAs Metaverse

d'ADAs Metaverse 2024

We will do our research first. We'll bet on phygital. Physical presence vs VR and game platforms. The phygital interaction will be of huge impact in the future.

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