More than human!

PFP collection of 1.111 handmade NFTs

d’ADAs is a mesmerizing art & fashion project on Cardano. We emphasize on the human factor of life and honor the grand masters of art. d’ADAs engages in exciting various ways. 

We create treasures for the future!
Stay tuned!

Official mint

2023 the official mint of d’ADAs first PFP collection of 1.111 unique hand made NFTs will take place. 
Our minting partner is NMKR.

d’ADAs contain several levels of rarities. We will announce this before the official mint.

Custom made d'ADAs

We kicked off on Cardano Summit Amsterdam 2022 and received the applause & cheering of the audience. The first requests for personalized d’ADAs were a fact!

We love to portrait you in our Amsterdam studio or at location abroad and visualize your personality in a d’ADA!

Endless possibilities. We’ve already set up a special VIP arrangement in Amsterdam.

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d'ADAs wearables

Imagine you can show off with your (custom made) d’ADA in an exclusive hand made jacket or kimono? Would that not be awesome? We have all the expertise and can produce right away. 

A sneak peek!


“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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d'ADAs Salon

In 1874, several artists based in Paris bonded together to hold an independent art show. Later known as the Impressionists, these figures took it upon themselves to present their own paintings, prints, and sculptures, bypassing an external selection process. Today, in the NFT world this may seem like standard practice. 

d’ADAs Salon is the art place where it all happens! It’s our community of fans, creatives and investors. The salon is the fundament of d’ADAs.

We will organize public and online events, auctions and initiate collabs with other creatives. Stay tuned!

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Meet the Team

Fully doxxed!

iAnnet - founder

‘The world is elusive but more present in its reflection’

“I use the iPhone for nearly 12 years now. Never touched any other camera. The world is hiding stories for me, like a miraculous book. I simply reveal the pages with my lens”.

iAnnet focusses in her conceptional work on reflections and the human body. Narcissus is one of her on going series.‍ Her first CNFT Collectible “iReflections” in collaboration with Patrick Tobler was a success. 

iAnnet is a well known international iPhone photographer. One of her biggest fans is Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, whom she guided on a tour in Amsterdam. Her new iPhone only book ‘Amsterdam is oh so quiet’ about her city in lockdown was sold out in 6 months. 

Clients: Apple, Moco Museum, Prudential, political parties, University of Amsterdam and private art buyers

iPhone photographer / creative


CHAN - founder

‘The world through her lens’

The Amsterdam based photographer & fashion designer CHAN is known for her edgy, dark and sexy portraits.

These portraits come alive through her fashion brand CHAN Artwear, which puts her art on walls, people and streets. Every project tells a story with a social or personal statement. With her unique way of how she envisions life, she only captures the pure moments in a mysterious way.

Take a walk on the raw side of fashion and art.

Deontay Wilder (custom made jacket for World Heavy Weight Championship Las Vegas), Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Famous DEX (Dexter), Mario Worldwide, Lil Huddy, Serayah, Sean Kingston, Angela Simmons, Duckwrth, Elijah Blake, ZHU.

Photographer & Fashion designer

Amsterdam / Los Angeles

Sarah Lee Meijers

Visual Designer

My life as a young designer, here I come!

Sarah is a passionated designer who studies in Amsterdam and is driven by will power. Her focus is to make art that is one of a kind.

Let’s be part of something big: d’ADAs!


Minting / technical partner

Frank Nitty 3000

Motion Graphics

Combining wit and surrealism with fashion and beauty photography, Frank’s obsession is creating the unexpected.

I stare at images for hours sometimes and I try to challenge myself to come up with crazy shit I just haven’t seen before. It’s an idea factory.

[F]rank Nitty is the artist behind some of our favourite GIFs or as he calls them, ‘video doodles’.  You’ve probably experienced some of his magic via the visuals he has created for Gucci, Burberry, Dior, Givenchy, Adidas and Linda Farrow.

Website: http://www.franknitty3000.com/

Wouter Brink


Travelling in motion
Wouter is an Amsterdam based Videographer with a young view in the creative video industry. His style in these videos is best known to bring both masculine and a feminine feel. With just being graduated he has already big clients in and outside of the Netherlands.

Mirai Music

Sound production

Mirai Music is a Los Angeles based producers collective that can deliver a wide range of music productions ranging from soundtracks to full produced songs.

The very focus of Mirai is to create worlds of sounds around stories, visuals and concepts. That is why we mainly focus on soundtrack and song-writing for multimedia projects, video games and animation.

The core-team members Riccardo Lovatto and Jacopo Mazza have been collaborating for the last ten years as a team in a variety of projects in connection with Asian and European markets and they are now expanding to the US.

Mirai is also the music house behind Cardano based projects such as Danketsu, Wolves of Rome and a number of NMKR projects including Martin Lawrence NFT drop.

Website: https://www.miraimusicproductions.com/

Mart Krijger

Frame artist

Born in the Netherlands, son of Dutch artist with a background of Jewelry designer.

It started with Skull Art, original water buffalos, oryx, long horn skulls got a second life, engravings were made, metallizing process, applications of exotic leather and crystals. Art panels were a new direction, a combination of handmade square parts. His work is seen in Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur,
Dubai, St. Barth, UK, USA, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.

Recently Mart is working for several artists and galleries.


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